I have everything broken loose, I did a search and I cant seem to get the 2 inner bolts on the upper control arm pushed out their holes. I put the nuts back on the end and have been hammering on them but they havent moved so far. Also do I need to remove the lower strut bolt to drop the strut down? I have the 3 nuts on the top of the strut off but the lower control arm is bottomed out and I cant get the 3 bolts on top of the strut down and out from where they bolt in to get better access to the inner upper control arm bolts.

I searched and didnt find a write up on the upper control arm removal. I have a 2010 p7b and am replacing the old upper control arms with moog upper control arms.

Seemed like a simple job but I cant get those inner 2 bolts to budge. Any advice?