Everyone welcome Two Trick Vics(Allen), 96vic(Jim), and High Pursuit(Eric), they are now moderators at CVN. Assignments are:

Two Trick Vics: 5.0L, 5.8L Tech Talk
96vic: Accessories and Detailing
High Pursuit: Want to buy/For sale

They, as well as myself, RocketCouch(Chris), MrFile(Dmitry), Gordon Highlander(Dean), Metroplex(Charlie) and High Pusuit(Eric), are here to make sure your every CV related question gets a quick and accurate response. If you need have any questions, please feel free to email us:

p74vic - [email protected]
RocketCouch - [email protected]
Gordon Highlander* - [email protected]
MrFile - [email protected]
Metroplex - [email protected]
Two Trick Vics [email protected]
96vic - [email protected]
High Pursuit - [email protected]
Thanks a ton!

CVN Admin

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