P71 Interceptor, no offense taken by the newbie comment. It DOES suprise me though how often people break out the newbie card just because someones post counter says less than a certain number.

But as for the Pro-M just manipulating stock signals to trick the stock computer, what do you think a chip does?????????

Unless you run a stand alone computer like the EPEC (?sp) or DFI, TEC3, etc.. You are still just manipulating the signals to get the results you want.

UNLESS: you do what Dennis and the MAN (J#%!...) are working on (or maybe have completed by now, I dont know). Actually flashing the stock computer with their own changes. Instead of using Diablo Sport chips and putting their progs there. I agree, Dennis is one of "the Men" in these type cars from what I am reading. I live in the same town as him and actually watched him installing a supercharger on one of his Lincolns. I was getting gears installed in my mustang at his shop one night late and he was working after hours. I do not know him other than that night. But do know a number of people that do know him.

But I am the newbie and honestly dont know a whole lot about CV's and 4.6's. Thats why I am here. To learn...! Thanks for your help.
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