This will be my official thread, for the 521 Stroker build for the Fairlane. I'll have another .030 460 block on an engine stand, a Scat Industries 521 Stroker rotating assembly, balanced for the internally balanced engine, H-beam rods, JE forged aluminum pistons, which are made just for the new Kaase designed aluminum SCJ heads, that have a different valve location than the traditional 385 series heads. I'm not sure on the camshaft yet, but I'm leaning towards a Crane hydraulic roller cam. Since I'm putting a good chunk of change into this thing anyway, what's a few hundred dollars more for some more horses, but alot more torque. My hydraulic tappet cam would be the Ford C460, which comes with the 550HP version of the crate motor. I'm shooting for 600HP, and 600+ ft.lbs of torque, which Desktop Dyno puts me in the ballpark. All of this with 93 pump gas, with the compression only at 9.8 to 1. Not too shabby. I'm building the bullet proof shortblock first, and then I'll move on to the heads and upper end. I spent a good chunk of change on my new welder, or I would have bought everything at once. I should have it all done by the summer.
1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe Project 521/C6
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